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21 Cherokee Ave - Structure Fire

On November 9th at 1603 hours, Essex Junction Fire was dispatched to 21 Cherokee Ave for a report of a fire in the basement and the home filled with smoke. Immediately, an Essex Junction Fire Captain requested that Essex Town Fire be dispatched mutual aid to assist.

Conditions as Engine 7 starts fire attack

EJFD responded with Car 9, Engine 7, Ladder 3, and fire police with nine personnel. Chief Gaboraiult was first on the scene, reporting smoke from the structure. He assigned Engine 7 with a fire attack.

Engine 7 arrived on the scene with their crew, initiating a fire attack. Engine 7's Officer conducted a 360 of the structure, finding active fire through an exterior wall on the A/D corner. Locating a side door open on the delta side of the home, he looked inside and identified a large fire at the front of the residence. Closing the door, he completed the 360 and then the crew initiated an attack from this door. The crew quickly located the seat of the fire and had the fire out within minutes of arriving on the scene.

Ladder 3, with a crew of 3, was assigned to assist with water supply. They helped to pull the LDH to a hydrant located 150 feet away and, once complete, were assigned a primary search of the residence. The primary search came back clear, with no other people in the residence.

Engine 2 and a Safety Officer from Essex Fire Department assisted. Engine 1 was assigned fire attack in the basement. Their crew quickly extinguished visible fire on the home's exterior before moving to the basement, where they found no fire extension.

Williston Fire Department Ladder Four and their Chief responded to the scene, assisting with overhaul and fire investigation.

The fire was determined to be accidental, having started near the gas insert fireplace. The fire likely started hours earlier, as the residents came home and found the home filled with smoke when they opened the door. The house has extensive damage from heat and smoke and is currently unhabitable. We're sad to report that during the fire, the family lost their beloved dog. Our thoughts are with the family during this extremely tough time. We want to thank all the neighbors who were there for the family this afternoon.


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