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Join our all-volunteer Fire Department

Essex Junction Fire Department is an all-hazards, paid-call department. We respond to fire, rescue, HAZMAT, citizen assist, and first response EMS emergencies. Our department is comprised of community members who work 40 or more hours a week as secretaries, teachers, engineers, architects, medical assistants, insurance adjusters, bankers, laborers, carpenters, electricians, and more. They are your neighbors, the people you invite to barbecues and whose kids play with your children. New members will serve their community while gaining experience that can be used to be hired for a career in the Fire and EMS services.


Frequently asked questions


Must I live in Essex Junction to be a firefighter?


All volunteer firefighters must live within an approved responding distance from our fire station. Essex Junction firefighters pride themselves on quick response time to fire calls.


What kind of training is involved?


Essex Junction firefighters are trained in a wide range of technical skills. These skills include fire suppression, hazardous materials incidents, vehicle extrication, disaster response, alarm and CO detector response, and fire prevention education.


Do I have to have prior experience to join the Essex Junction Fire Department?


No, to join the Essex Junction Fire Department, you do not have to have prior experience. All training you will need will be provided in the Chittenden County Basic Course and Fire Department training. Because the County Basic course only occurs twice a year, in February and October, the Essex Junction Fire Department only hires members with prior experience before those courses start. If you are interested, please apply, and we will reach out to you before the classes start to complete your application and prepare you for the course. 


If I have prior fire/rescue training and experience, will it count towards Essex Junction Fire Department training requirements?


Yes. Proof of your training, such as class records and grades, should be sent in with your application to be reviewed by the training Chief. If hired by the department, we will add your previous training to your Essex Junction Fire Department personnel file. If you meet our interior firefighting training requirements, we will hire new members anytime during the year.


Does the Essex Junction Fire Department have equal requirements for entry and training?


Yes. Medical and physical requirements follow OSHA and NFPA standards. The Essex Junction Fire Department is an equal opportunity employer.


Are Essex Junction firefighters directly paid or compensated?


Yes. Members are on-call firefighters and receive an hourly wage for calls.



  • Must be at least 18 years of age and out of high school.

  • Must be able to read and write the English language effectively.

  • Must be living within responding distance from the station.

  • Must attend 33 percent of scheduled drills every six months.

  • Must attend rookie training through the Chittenden County Basic Course

  • Complete the Essex Junction Fire Department Candidate Checklist


If interested, please fill out the short form below, and the Essex Junction Fire Department will contact you.

2023 Call Info

Fire Department Call
Percentage of Total Incidents

First Response Calls
Percentage of Total Incidents

Total Incidents

Opportunities at EJFD

Paid On Call Firefighter or EMT

- $17.50/hr Starting wage

- 2 Hour minimum*

- $1 Pay increase for Each FF1, EMT, EMT-A

- Bi-Weekly Paycheck

EMS Certification up to EMT-A

Training opportunities to earn Pro-Board and Nationally recognized certificates

All needed equipment provided by the Fire Department

Membership Expectations

Respond to 10% of all fire calls per year. (+/- 40 Calls)

10 Hours of department training each quarter. 

* No Overlapping Hours

**Schools and Certification courses count toward training requirement

Join our Team


Thanks for applying to work with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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