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Local Codes

All Essex Junction building codes fall under the Vermont State Building codes. All inspections will be done by the State of Vermont. Any new construction, major renovations or change of ownership of any commercial or apartment buildings within the Village limits must add a building access box "Knox Box" to the building. The location of the access box will be decided by the Essex Junction Fire Department.

Access boxes are also available for the residential structures throughout the City. They will allow quick access to your residence in the case of a fire or medical emergency, possibly limiting damage to the building.


The Essex Junction Fire Department regulates that a 4100 series Knox Box will be used on commercial and Multi-family dwellings. While any Single Family residence looking to get a Access box should purchase a 1659 Series Knox Box.



For questions or information 

Go to: 


Lieutenant Keith Rivers


Example of the common Knox Box building entry key secure
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