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Engine 21 Responds to Smoke in a Building in Williston

Shortly after midnight on March 30th, the Essex Junction Fire Department was requested to respond with an engine mutual aid to the town of Williston to 88 Holland Lane for an odor of smoke in the building. Engine 21 had returned two hours before this call from covering the Williston fire station while they were out at a chimney fire. We were requested for the call on Holland Lane because Williston Fire was out at a structure fire in the town of Richmond.

Engine 21 responded with six personnel and arrived to find Williston's Tower 1 crew already inside investigating the odor in a multi story apartment building. The crew from Essex Junction assisted the Williston firefighters with the investigation and were able to locate an issue with an outlet. With no extension found and the smoke dissipating, Williston Fire released Engine 21 to return to Essex Junction within 20 minutes of their arrival on scene.

Both of these responses today are two excellent examples of how our mutual aid with neighboring departments works quickly and efficiently. We respond when requested and our neighbors do the same, all for free!

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