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West Street - Dryer Fire

At 8:33 pm, Essex Junction Fire responded with Essex Fire Department, Essex Rescue, Inc. and Essex Police Department to West Street in the City of Essex Junction for a report of a dryer on fire with active flames and smoke filling the residence. Upon arrival, Essex Rescue confirmed all residents had evacuated the residence. Essex Junction Engine 7 and Car 9 arrived on scene at the same time with the Engine 7's Lieutenant being greeted by a resident who reported they had found their dryer on fire in the basement and had been unable to extinguish the fire themselves.

While conducting his 360 of the home Lt. Leclair found smoke across the first floor and nearly zero visibility into the basement. Engine 7 had responded with 5 members and the crew had pulled an attack line, while the officer completed the 360. Crews were able to get the layout of the house and were quickly able to enter the house, access the basement and extinguish the fire which had remained in the same area as the dryer.

Essex Junction Ladder 3, Essex Town Engine 1 and 2 arrived on scene and their crews helped with ventilation and search of the residence for the home owners cats. Which were found, alive, hiding in upstairs bedrooms. Crews were on scene for about 1 hour. The homeowners were alerted and to the fire by working smoke detectors. Due to the early detection of the fire, and quick activation of 911, there were no injuries and the home remained habitable.

Fire Safety Considerations:

If not for the properly installed detectors this fire could have gone unnoticed for a long period of time, causing significant smoke and fire damage to the residence.

Additionally, it is important to keep doors and windows closed in your house when you find active fire. The old incorrect belief that letting smoke out helps, actually allows for rapid fire growth and spread by letting fresh oxygen in. If you ever find a fire. Close the door to the room it is in, exit the home closing the door you use to exit and call 911.


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