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Quick Response and Extinguishment Prevents a Structure Fire on Grove Street

At 19:13 hrs on Tuesday, September 15th, The Essex Junction and Essex Town Fire Departments were dispatched to 29 Grove Street in the village of Essex Junction for a propane tank that is on fire. Within one minute, a firefighter who lives nearby arrived on the scene reporting a significant fire condition showing from the rear of the residence, just feet from the actual home.

As Utility 61 and Engine 5 turned at the five corners, a large black column of smoke could be seen. Upon arrival, the Fire Chief established the Grove Street command and instructed Engine 5 to come directly into the scene and begin fire attack (water supply would be established later). The Assistant Fire Chief ran to the rear of the home to report to command regarding extension to the structure. The crew from Engine 5 immediately stretched a pre-connected cross lay attack line down the alley between two residences to gain access to the fire. As the crew flaked the line and crossed a small metal fence, another firefighter went to work with a chainsaw clearing small trees that were hindering direct access to the seat of the fire. The nozzle firefighter opened the line and quickly extinguished the fire which involved two trees, a pile of wood, a tire and the LP tank. Another firefighter quickly moved the off gassing tank away from the home and into the backyard while other members worked to ensure there was no extension to the structure. All of these actions by the crew from Engine 5 occurred within 2 minutes from arrival on scene.

Upon the arrival of Ladder 3 and Essex Engine 2, those crews were put to work assisting with overhaul of the fire area, checking for extension to the residence and metering the surrounding homes for any levels of gas that may be building up due to the continuing tank off gassing. The nozzle firefighter from Engine 5 continued to cool the LP tank as it leaked its remaining contents in the backyard while the operator from Engine 5 established a water supply from a hydrant nearby.

After operating for just over an hour, and ensuring all fire had been extinguished, crews racked up all lines and equipment and returned to quarters.

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