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Essex Rotary recognizes Captain Rick Smith

On March 15th, the Essex Rotary recognized Capt. Richard Smith and two other Essex and Essex Junction community first responders for living the Rotary's motto of "service above self." The Rotary hosted a lunch in which EMT Michael Strong of Essex Rescue and Corporal John Ruttenberg of Essex Police were also recognized for their service.

Capt. Smith has been an Essex Junction Fire Department member since September 29, 2008. For the last 14 years, he has served as a Firefighter and EMT, balancing his family, his full-time career, and the demands of the modern volunteer fire service.

His awards and recognitions include; -2010 EJFD Firefighter of the Year -2013 VFW National Firefighter Award -2013 EJFD Member of the Year In -2015, he earned the Unit Citation for his role in the April 2015 fire in which a 20-year-old female was rescued. In -2016, he earned two life-saving awards for his actions on separate calls. -2020 and 2021 EJFD Officer of the Year

We want to thank the Essex Rotary for continuing this great event, which for the last 13 years, has allowed us to recognize our members and other local first responders.


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